Thursday, August 10, 2017

K.O.X.X. end of another era

Today a part of my life and history came to end it was funny for me that "Kronborg: A Northern Paradise (RLV and Gay)" also was a planned closing today a sim I went to a few times to explore but never got to truly see.

It is the time that I move on, and away from what I was doing and wait for the flood of new clubs to pass.  I don't think at this time I will ever return to the business again and stick with just DJing.  I was happy to have a few close friends show up today and many been there to support me in one form or another.

I will continue on doing what I love doing in SL DJ and giving it my all.  Yes I have plans for events to happen as I normally do every year.  I want to thank all who showed up today tip me and BamBam also for your kind words and encouragement.  I will start stripping the parcel on Friday and get ready to move on to new beginnings.

I will address and respond to the request I have gotten over the last few days about offering for Second Pride Chair.

Thanks to NakedCarl Panner for blogging the event with pictures:


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