Saturday, August 19, 2017

Contest Theme "Payment Info on File"

I like to see some place or a few places to se t"Payment Info on File"as the theme people can come as they are but can only enter the contest if they have payment info on file.  I wonder if anyone would anyone give it a try before the alts of alts start crying not fair when all they do is just stand around enter a contest and leave when all is over and go on to the next one, without giving a tip to any of the staff.

This was just a thought that I thought I would put out there, I doubt it would happen but may get rid of some of the alts at some parties.

Friday, August 18, 2017

Test, Test and more Test

I am dealing with some RL medical issues this weekend will start it with a MRI on Sunday and seeing a specialist on Wednesday, not near my home so I will be away from the computer with my DJ Equipment on it and music.

I will try to be in world when possible but will not be able to spin as normal, it was my hope to participate in the GFW Anniversary but the slot I had was on Sunday and I could not be in an MRI Machine and DJ at the same time.

I will be back to Gay Mens Cove on Wednesday August 23rd.

See you all on the flip side

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Second Pride Elections and Where I am at......

Some of my friends have asked me recently to consider offering for Chair of "Second Pride" board of directors during and after the event ending in early July.  I have reached a decision regarding this after much thought and soul searching regarding the request made of me by people I know and trust.

My decision at this point is not to offer at this time is for various reasons of which I will explain here.  I came to this decision without being told by others not to run or to offer but because I have to put RL first.  I will also say because of my RL training and involvement in not-for-profit organization I would be willing to do treasurer but because of RL health, I may not always be available for meetings.

I am dealing with various medical issues in RL that sometimes require significant rest to deal with my issues.  If you see me in SL and do not get a response chances are I am in another room resting trying to relax.

I will be having various surgeries in RL soon that will require extended time and rest along with time away from Second Life in order to help resolve the issues.  The most major of the surgeries is on my back.  I have been told it will be a 4 to 6 week recovery period.  Another will require a week away from things but 6 weeks of recovery.  These operations are just a couple of the major thing and could happen anytime during the next year.

I have applied in RL for full disability from the Federal Government in Canada by submitting a 25 page document with the reason why they should grant me my appeal that document alone because of the pain I am dealing with took me 48 days to complete but I got it done.  In it I highlighted the previous appeal and process they put me through was not clear nor was it transparent as no one communicated with me and they made their choice based on information they already had and had not waited until they got the other documents I told them I would be submitting.  I ask everyone for their good thoughts and wishes.

The current board of directors is up for election all the seat, the way the by laws are written not one of the current board can re-offer for election.  However, they can be appointed back to the board by those elected or offer for a position that the newly elected board makes a call for.

Some of the current members of the board have been there for a few years because no one has offered or people have resigned and the spots need to be filled.  These people over the years have put in time and energy to make this work so the LGBTQ-two spirited communities in second life can celebrate and show their pride.  There are people in SL who can for one reason or another do that.

I encourage you all to who have the strength to consider offering and filling one of the vacant seats

Being Chair is not an easy job I am sure Ledge can tell you that, I have experienced it and some of my skills were put to the test.  I look forward to a successful pride in 2018 and this time there could be new people looking after things and happenings.  I was glad to DJ 3 times at pride this year and kicking off "Canada Day" was an honor.  It was great to see it recognized during pride.

Below is a posting on the second pride website and in world group I ask you to sign up and participate, this is your community, not just mine.

Candidate statements are being taken online August 7th through Midnight August 19th. Submit a brief statement declaring your interest in the position, the skills you will bring to the job and why you want to be elected.  All Candidate statements should be submitted at using the

For further details about elections, board postions and candidate statements please go to our website 

Thursday, August 10, 2017

K.O.X.X. end of another era

Today a part of my life and history came to end it was funny for me that "Kronborg: A Northern Paradise (RLV and Gay)" also was a planned closing today a sim I went to a few times to explore but never got to truly see.

It is the time that I move on, and away from what I was doing and wait for the flood of new clubs to pass.  I don't think at this time I will ever return to the business again and stick with just DJing.  I was happy to have a few close friends show up today and many been there to support me in one form or another.

I will continue on doing what I love doing in SL DJ and giving it my all.  Yes I have plans for events to happen as I normally do every year.  I want to thank all who showed up today tip me and BamBam also for your kind words and encouragement.  I will start stripping the parcel on Friday and get ready to move on to new beginnings.

I will address and respond to the request I have gotten over the last few days about offering for Second Pride Chair.

Thanks to NakedCarl Panner for blogging the event with pictures:


Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Ever evolving and changing

Things seem to be evolving and changing in Second Life with the public opening of Sansar.  Also it seems the crowd and people are way down after Second Pride happened.  Bar and sim are closing because of lack of attendance at parties and events and people are trying to revamp themselves by closing one bar one day and opening a new bar the next it is just not going to work.

Big contest take away from everyone and I am sure if you check everyone there you will find many of the avatars have no payment info on file and are most likely just standing there not moving but yet are in on the contest or have the club tag for the free lindens.

Over the last few week's there have been numerous new bars and locations open for people to attend and enjoy.  There are more on the way 3 that I know of including a new venue for a well-known location in addition to the current venues they already have.  Two of these new venues yet to open will be operated by close friends involved.  Some of the other places are operated by people I have come to know.

Recently some events at established venues have had 6 people to 10 unless there is a contest involved. Some say because of the season but even though that maybe part of the reason for low attendance,  it is more than that.  There are just too many venues to support the grid and the amount of events happening now at the time slot I counted 6 one day even with all the AVI's in Second Life.

I am not in Second Life as a DJ to make money with K.O.X.X. I will be happy to break even and cover expenses which total about $5000L  a week and this does include tier and my stream.  Over the last two weeks I have made about 1/2 that amount just not enough for me to continue with my own place.  I am indebted and have a great love for my friends and those who have supported me such as BamBam for all he has done in the design and layout of the parcel (K.O.X.X.} along with Rayden, Markarius, Daniel Vale, Fusion, Kaiden, Noxy, NakedCarl, Edwin, Jimmy, Danyel there are many, many more.  I am sorry if I missed someone but I am dealing with RL Pain and health Issues.

Because of the season along with other reasons, that I am not being able to meet expenses ($7000L in four weeks when I need $20K) I will have events at K.O.X.X. the last one being "Thursday August 10th at 1PM".  I did not open this venue to compete with others I open it to have fun and it is just not happening at this time.  I will continue to DJ where I am currently and when I can depending on medical appointments and issues.  Otherwise, I am not making any commitment except for fundraising events planned or being work on.

I also will have back surgery in the near future and the recovery time is 4-6 weeks I maybe able to be in world but cannot manage or be stressed out during the recovery period.  I hope you all understand and join me during one last event to close out and maybe with hope for the future.

Thank You again for your support and I will see you on the flip side.

Ezzie (not pronounced easy)

Sunday, August 6, 2017

I thought it was about time i get back into blogging it has been a while.  I am looking at doing more things actively here and offering my opinion and saying how I see things as they are in Second Life.  Some May not agree and those with negative comments will have them removed if they are out of line and not right for as with most bloggers.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Many things are happening in my life now I am so happy to be involved with Second Pride and I am looking forward to the next year and helping with the planning of "Second Pride 2015".  If you want to become involved do not hesitate to ask how you can help from taking a funding Kiosk to raise lindens to volunteering to work on a committee.