Monday, September 4, 2017

Moving on, I hope

The last few months have brought me some grief with the RL passing of two people near and dear to me DanR and Nibz.  These two were a good couple for each other in Second Life and made many friends and a couple children Nemo and Fabian.

Nibz was separated from his RL Family and they were not involved with anything so the obit was short and sweet walter-bunyan-obituary.  I have had bearly my own time to grieve and consider this matter given that I been trying to fulfill Nibz wishes him and I spoke about after Dan's service with the request that I not leave him alone.

Nibz has been a part of my life in SL from about the time he was 8 months in and he came to me looking for a job at my bar.  I will be forever gratefull for what he has done for me, with me and used my advice and opinion in a way that things came out better for him.

He went peacefully in his sleep and now him and Dan are on the other side of the rainbow having fun.

As I said on Facebook: "This situation saddens us all after the recent passing of his SL husband in RL Ðαɳ Ʀαγmαkȼɾ-ℳiɾαbȼllα (danr.raymaker). We are all bothered by this and we are dealing with it as best we can.
A service of remembrance will be held Sunday September 10th (Grandparents Day) 2PM at the same location of Dan's service and a fund raiser party will follow to send a donation to S.P.C.A. to honor Nibz and Dan's love for their pets. To date including funds from Dan's event the funds total $35,355L we like to raise a bit more.
Service Time: 2PM (Doors Open at 1PM)
Location: Viper Gulch, Wanda 
You can pick up more information on the service at the memorial location in SL at  

Look for the picture posted here to get the info:

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  1. Very sad indeed. Very hard for me to know what to say or how to express my feelings. I have thought about this a lot. A fantastic person.