Thursday, October 19, 2017


Many people in SL deal with Depression in RL each and every day of their life from the time they wake up till when they go to bed.  You just can't shake it no matter what once there for most people it is there for the rest of your life.

I am one of them, I put on a brave face, love to laugh, have many good friends including my BFF Markarius and my clan family.  Some people do not like me because I stand my ground on things they disagree with the action or the way I go about getting it done but when you can raise $165 RL Cash in four hours with the help of those close to me, I have proved them wrong.

My thrill in life is to do charity work and raise money for those who are even less fortunate than me, and I am literally poor.  I live on $616 CDN a month which works out to $437 USD.  I have lived with HIV for 33 years soon 34 never been sick because of the virus, but can easily get the flu.

My HIV status is "Undetectable" which means I cannot spread it through sexual contact, but the stigmatization and fear of other in RL and SL keep them away from me.  Damm your not going to get a thing from me more so in SL.  My RL family except for my brother knows of my health and when I get to hug and cuddle my great nephew cause I love this autistic boy I feel good.  Laws are being decriminalized because of this not just in California but all over North America and even the UK is looking at this but the Center For Disease Control in the USA has admitted this is true "  cdc-officially-admits-people-positive-undetectable-cannot-transmit-hiv
So remember the words you can say to someone in SL hurt there is a real person on the other side of the screen that is real that has feelings and is doing what they can to survive in SL like me.  Anything you do or say could affect them and what they are dealing with in the worst way.  Some dont care I know that and they never will they see this as a gay s chance to do a "Mental Mind Fuck (MMF)" on someone because they see this as just a game but it is more than a game, real lives and real people are involved.  I am sure they would be upset if someone turn around on them and maybe then they can realize how things are.  SL is my escape from RL and I love to DJ,

I am not here to create a "MMF" I am not here to take bull from others who try to prove to other they are right and make me look bad, call me names and try to do everything they can to make me look bad when in the end they have done something that makes them look bad and puts them in a place where they cannot be trusted.

I love my family in SL and Friends and some of them do not get along but I keep that separate I understand why however it does not change the way I feel about them.  There are those whom are on the fence as they have not done anything wrong but have gotten me to see who they are and it is them I keep a close eye on, because I am not sure what they think.

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