Wednesday, November 22, 2017

World AIDS Day The Good and The Bad and Ugly

December 1st is "World AIDS Day" it is a day I stop and think of who of my friends are gone because of it.  I have attended public vigils in the past and look around the room and counted the number of people there and realized there are not enough hands in this room that can be used to count the number of people I know or whom I have cross paths with that have died of AIDS.

I attended a vigil once in Toronto behind the 519 Community Center Cawthra Park during Gay Pride Week, they continue the practice of preventing TV Cameras from attending the event to record what was happening during the event which I am glad as people could let their emotions out and truly cry.  In attendance, there were parents, brothers, sisters, friends, those who work in the field.  There was not a dry eye in the house, everyone holding a candle in memory as the names were read out loud of those who had past and been added to the wall in the garden surrounding the center.  Every time I am there I try to make a trip to the wall which runs through the park to pay respect to those I know who have moved on, who have fought the good fight given it all, even volunteering like me until their last breath.  They are all listed by years and as each year is posted you see the list is getting shorter and shorter as people like me are living longer after 1996 International AIDS Conference in Vancouver which I got to attend breakthroughs started to be made and people started to live longer strive for better life and do the right thing hence the theme that year "One World One Hope".

I can remember the day, date and location and who I was with the person who gave me the virus.  He has left this earth but I am still here I am a fighter after what will be 34 years on December 10th with this virus it is starting to wear me down a bit.  But I continue to fight and strive for what I think is right and do the right thing as I see it.  My former partner is a rock and strength although he still drives me up the wall also my BFF in Second Life.  You all keep me going strong and alive, you make me want to do more for those who live with it and newly diagnosed in RL and tactics for prevention of stopping people from getting this virus.  I still want to understand why the largest segment of the population in RL getting this are those 18 - 24 both those who are gay and straight, I love to find the answer to this and why they do not head to the message.

The new thing is Bug Chasers looking for Gift Givers.  Yes there are people out there looking to catch this another question I love to have an answer to.  They think they will have benefits get more money and let me tell you you will get less.  I encourage friends who are not to go on PrEP. PrEP means Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis, and it’s the use of anti-HIV medications to keep HIV negative people from becoming infected.  There is also a medication in this group of drugs that I take and has put me into the spot where I am Un-ifectious and the virus is Un-detecable (U=U).  Meaning I cannot spread the virus to anyone through sexual contact.  There are people out there who refuse to get tested and end up infecting others unknowing because they do not know, if you are active get tested both men and women not just for HIV but HPV men pass on to women HPV.  I just want to see everyone do the right thing in the right way for the right reason and not try to fool anyone or rip them off of financial resources.

Discrimination is great in RL and SL mostly based on fear and stigma of those living with HIV like myself, some people have stop talking to me in SL because I have HIV or will have pixel sex because I have HIV in RL.  It is that fear and stigma that make things worse for people like me because we won't give in to your point of view.  Some are upset the laws have changed in some states and countries regarding HIV as it is not a terminal illness so it is no longer considered manslaughter.  

On December 1st "World Aids Day" I will donate all the tips I earn to a charity as I do every year.  This year the amount of money I turn over will include T-Shirts that are available made for me by Dany Vale of Red Angel Designs.  My Charity this year is the "AIDS Memorial Quilt" in Canada and the U.S.A..

Two samples are to the left Top one is from the Canadian Quilt quilt made up of 8 panels. The NAMES Project AIDS Memorial Quilt, often abbreviated to AIDS Memorial Quilt, is an enormous quilt made as a memorial to celebrate the lives of people who have died of AIDS-related causes both doses separately in Canada and the U.S.A.

The quilt has grown in size it is estimated that in the U.S.A. it weighs 54 tons and is stored in Atlanta in Canada it is stored in Ottawa.  It cost money to keep the storage facility running and          keep them in pristine condition for future viewing.

If your not going to be around December 1st and you want to support this effort you can do so in advance.  There are donation Jars and T-Shirt Vendors location around the grid at:  K.O.X.X. MALL  , Gay Fun World, Treason and at Red Angel Designs at this time (Landmarks Below).  I will be report every few days of an increase on a donation on my facebook page which has in a few short days reached $924L.  The T-Shirts are also for sale on Marketplace

I am planning numerous sets that day around the grid which will include K.O.X.X. MALL (Special Venue), Gay Mens Cove, Gay Fun Beach and there is a fourth venue yet to be named yes 4 sets of two hours each to raise more than just lindens.  My objective as a long term survivor is to raise awareness and support for those living with HIV/AIDS in SL and RL.  We need to hear it from others whom we are close to, we need to know you accept us for who we are and what we live with without worry or concern that you are avoiding us because of it.

I ask each of you to come out on December 1st and help me raised the needed resources for charity by timing me and whom I am working with for a just cause and just reason.  I will start the "Around The Grid Tour"  November 30th please come and support with your dancing talents and donations.  I want to thank also Markarius Viper, Evan Greymyst, Rayden, Fusion, Reyn, Andre and my SL Family for their ongoing support.

LINKS below where you can buy T-Shirt $149L each or both for $260L there is also a female version of the shirt.  You can also donate at the same locations watch for the poster of the parties.


Gay Fun World - Gaylaria

Treason - Gay Slave and Human Trafficking

RedAngel Designs - By Danny Vale

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