Monday, September 17, 2018

In Memory of Naked Carl

I had to sit and cry for a bit last night when NakedCarl Panner RL Daughter contacted me to inform me he had passed away in RL.

He was good to me and everyone in the Gay Community of Second Life always at Second Pride taking and blogging each day's events and had plan to attend this past year but just could not due to health.

I will miss his "grins" and being at my set and those of many others DJ in Second Life,  I am not sure how long his Blog will remain up but take a look while you can at

We are raising funds in Second Life for the charity of choice of Naked Carl as per his RL family and a service will be held at a future date however you can pay respects to him in second life.

His loss is a loss to the gay community in Second Life Carl's RL family have informed me the Charity of Choice you can donate to is "Southern Ohio Medical Center" (SOMC Hospice) we will be excepting donation to the charity in lindens at the site. At this time you memorial hall we have set up to pay your respects

His obituary is located at if you wish to show your respects to his family.  Carl-Gee

Rest in peace Carl we will see you on the otherside of the rainbow.

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  1. Horrible news. I knew something was wrong when he did not attend SP this year :-(