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This view as I see it is only my opinion and not the view of any other individual or person name in this blog.  I have been reading about this over the past week and many have given me their opinion, however, this is my view.  I ask you to read this one with an open mind.

I have a few friends who currently sit on the board of Second Pride (SP) this post is not about them it is about the way the situation was handled and how it could have actually been done differently.

I was Chair of Second Pride for the year 2014 - 2015.  It was a hard and difficult year but I made it through because I had real life issues to deal with.  I was a found member and Chair of the "Canadian Positive People Network" which has received after long days and night fund from the Canadian government to sustain its operations over the next 5 years.

I currently sit on another national board called "Realize" in Canada as their Treasurer.  I lived with HIV for 34 years so I come through the pandemic with a different look on how to live and how to handle the situations such as what happened.

I have read many copies of the local chat all said the same things so nothing was hidden from me.

Meeting decorum and procedure:  When a person at SP click the stick at the meeting and their name comes up they have the floor and deserve to speak without interruption or interference by anyone on the floor or the board.  However, when someone has an issue with the discussion they should rise on a "procedural point of order or personal point of order" and until recognized by the Chair they need to be silent and the person who has the floor should be able to speak until the Chair has recognized the issue on the floor.

Where this issue was getting heated discussion as Chair I would have asked for a motion to adjourn the meeting for the board to go in camera and resolve the issue.  It should not have gotten as far as it did with the removal of the board member in question.

This has put SP in a different light not just from allowing the discussion to fester and get as far as it did and the end action of removing a person who had won the election 60 - 9.  I knew both candidates Jimmy and Kaden (the vote I made was a hard choice to make) they are friends of mine also three board members Lee, Bock, Mike, Nicky.  I harbor no ill feeling to any of those involved as a person who has dealt with the experience of an RL National non-profit from the ground up I had to say something.  I love all of those whom that have I have mentioned.

The other procedural error is that the chair should not have been part of the discussion, move or second a motion unless he had asked another board member to chair the meeting until the issue was done.  I dealt with Robert Rules of Order used as a procedural guide for many organizations all over the world.  As I said earlier this should have gone in camera with the elected board until it could have been put to rest.

I have been told by other they are upset not just because of the removal of Jimmy after being elected by such a large amount of vote by its membership.  Secondly how the procedure or meeting was allowed to get out of hand as it did.  I am saddened by how this could affect Second Pride and its future in SL.

This was my two cents.


Irish Words of Advice:  "Never approach a bull from the front, a horse from the rear, an a idiot from any direction!"

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  1. I was attending the recent SP meeting and I don't remember seeing someone removed. Or was this a different meeting?

    I observed a meeting without little coordination and what seemed to be a committee that had not yet learned to work alongside each other likely caused by a lack of knowledge in meeting procedures. Something which can helped with a mentor with knowledge as a meeting parliamentarian.

    But Jimmy being removed? Was this before the meeting the other day as I noticed he wasn't sitting with the board.